www.rapidrewardsdining.com – Earn Southwest Rapid Rewards Points

Rapids Rewards Dining

  • With Rapid Rewards Dining, it’s easier than ever to rack up points towards a trip with Southwest Airline
  • Southwest Rapid Rewards customer can earn 1,000 extra bonus points when they spend $25 within their first 30 days
  • Available in over 11,000 restaurants, customers participating in Southwest’s Rapid Dining Rewards earn 3 points for every $1 spent at select restaurants, and an extra 10 points for every online review.

To get started earning Rapid Rewards Dining Points from Southwest, customers will need to register their debit or credit card and pay for their meal (dine in or carry out) with that card. Signing up for Southwest Dining Rewards is completely free. A “thank you” bonus of 300 points will be given to customers for every 1,000 points they earn.

Right now, the Southwest Rapid


dining program is available in Phoenix, San Diego, Las Vegas, Ft. Lauderdale, Houston, Baltimore, Dallas, Denver Chicago, and Orlando.

What Are Southwest Rapid Rewards Points?

Rapid Rewards from Southwest lets customers earn points and then redeem those points for free flights to over 90 destinations.  Southwest’s frequent flyer program is known as one of the most generous in the airline industry, with no limit on how many customers can redeem, no blackout dates for free flights, and no expiration date on earned points as long as points are accumulated with some activity once every 24 months.

  • Can be used for free flights, free car rentals, and free hotel stays
  • Earl 10 points for every $1 spent on basic Southwest airfare and 50,000 points for signing up for a Southwest Rapid Rewards

    Visa card

More To Know About Southwest Airline

  • Took flight in June of 1971
  • Considered the wold’s largest low-cost carrier
  • Operates nearly 4,000 flights a day, and carries more domestic passengers than any other US airline
  • Has over 700 Boeing 737 planes, making it the largest 737 operator in the world

The Southwest Airlines Company corporate office is headquartered at 2702 Love Field Drive Dallas, TX 75235 and can be reached by phone by calling 214-792-4000.  Any questions in regards to the Rapids Rewards Dining Program can be directed to 1 (800) 435-9792.

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www.myscottslawnservice.com – Scotts Lawn Care Online

My Scotts Lawn Services

  • Sign up for online access to a Lawn Service Plan with Scotts
  • Consumers who already have a My Scotts Lawn Services account can simply sign in with their username and pass code
  • The service is free to use and Scotts will never charge the customer an annual fee

The My Scotts Lawn Service allows a customer to make payments online, set up services for their lawn, and obtain information and tips in regards to healthy lawn care.  This is a must service for those who are Scotts customers and desire the best looking lawn in the neighborhood.  Those who are not yet Scott lawn care customer can obtain a free quote by providing their name, house address, phone number, and a valid email address… allow up to 72 hours for a Scott lawn care employee to get in touch.  Please note by requesting a My Scotts Lawn Services quote the customer agrees to let Scotts Lawn Service (EG Systems, Inc.) contact them at the number/email address provided regarding available services and future promotional offers.

My Scotts Lawn Services Comments

  • If something is not right with the


    lawn Scotts will be there in 48 hours or less to check it out
  • To register for the service customers will need their Scotts Lawn Service

    account number

    on hand
  • The Scotts Lawn Service account number will be 10 digits long and can be found on any paper invoice from Scotts

Popular plans associated with a Scotts Care lawn service package include Halts Pro Crabgrass and Grassy Weed Prevention, Lawn Core Aeration & Overseeding, and the most popular Weed B Gon EdgeGuard (this plan is designed for home owners who have a back yard full of weeds).

Any questions in regards to the My Scotts Lawn Services can be directed to a customer service agent at 1-888-872-6887 or there is also a live chat agent available at My Scotts Lawn Services online.  The Scotts Lawn Care corporate office is based at 14111 Scottslawn Rd, Marysville, OH 43040 and can be reached by phone at (937) 644-0011.

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www.starbucks.com/entercode – Enter A Star Code Online

Starbucks Enter Code

  • Customers who are enrolled in the Starbucks Reward program can log on to enter their Star code
  • There is a limit of two Starbucks Star Codes per account, per day
  • Starbucks rewards members earn points for every purchase they make in store or online, which quickly leads to free drinks, snacks, and more

Starbucks Star Codes are ways to earn points on a Starbucks

reward account

outside of Starbucks stores. Please note Gold Star codes can be entered via the Starbucks Enter code site and can earned by purchasing Starbucks products in grocery stores, and through email by participating in special Starbucks digital promotions like Gold Star Dashes. Starbucks Gold Stars are added to account holders within 24 hours of the transaction.  Starbucks Gold Status customers have great special benefits like double star point days every month, a personalized Starbucks gold card, and a Starbucks Star reward for every 125 points spent.

Starbucks Enter Code Comments

  • All Starbucks Rewards members earn 2 points for every $1 spent, a free Starbucks birthday reward
  • The reward programs offers the ability to pay for a Starbucks order with a cell phone, online ordering so there’s no waiting in line at Starbucks
  • Starbucks reward members can get


    items like free refills in store, and special rewards coupons
  • There is no annual fee associated with this popular rewards program for coffee lovers

More to Know About Starbucks

  • Opened their first store in 1971 in Seattle, the largest city in Washington
  • Has over 22,000 locations worldwide, which bring in over $11 billion each year
  • Known for their unique drink naming conventions like demi, short, mini, tall, grande, venti, and trenta

Starbucks is one of the most popular names in the coffee world, and actually averages opening two new stores every single day (they are expanding into Africa currently).  Starbucks doesn’t have an official slogan, but does have a company mission statement of “to inspire and nurture the human spirit–one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time”.

To contact Starbucks about a Rewards Account:

  • Starbucks Customer Service, PO Box 6363, Dover, DE 19905-6363
  • Any questions about the Starbucks enter code service can be directed to a customer service agent at 800-Starbuc (800-782-7282)

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www.att.com/sundaematinee – Get AT&T U-Verse Rewards

AT&T Sundae Matinee

  • AT&T U-Verse customers can access the Sundae Matinee website to redeem their rewards
  • To access U-Verse rewards, customers will need to have their AT&T account number or their offer redemption code
  • If an online rewards is expired, that U-Verse reward can no longer be claimed

When customers sign up for certain promotions with U-Verse from AT&T, they will receive a redemption code that allows them to request a free rewards gift card. Customers can track the status of a U-Verse Rewards Redemption request by visiting the AT&T Reward Tracker web site. When Uverse customers have submitted a request for a reward, they can expect it to arrive within 4 weeks. The majority of AT&T rewards must be used within 30 days of the time they are received.

What are AT&T UVerse Rewards?

U-Verse Rewards (i.e. the AT&T Sundae Matinee promotion) from AT&T are given to customers who sign up for Uverse service under certain promotion. In many cases, the U-Verse reward is cash, but it can range from restaurant gift cards to retail gift cards and more. AT&T Rewards cards can be used anywhere the Visa logo is accepted, including online

  • AT&T Rewards can not be redeemed for cash and have no value on their own
  • Rewards cards from AT&T U-Verse do have an expiration date
  • Can not be used to pay an AT&T


  • Promotional offers with specific dates pertain to the date that service was actually installed in a home or business, not the date it was purchased

More to Know About AT&T

AT&T has their current corporate headquarters at 208 S. Akard St., Dallas, TX 75202

  • Started in 1983 and has their headquarters in Dallas, Texas (The Lone Star State)
  • The third largest company in Texas and the largest non oil related company
  • Is in the top 20 largest telecommunications companies in the world, and is #6 on the list of the world’s most valuable brand names

Any questions about the AT&T Sundae Matinee service can be directed to 1 (800) 331-0500.

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www.hiringtowin.com – Apply For A Job At McDonald’s

Hiring To Win

  • People who are interested in working for McDonald’s can visit the Hiring to Win web site to apply
  • Applicants who have already started an application with McDonald’s can begin where  they left off
  • Job seekers can search for corporate jobs with McDonald’s or for job with specific McDonald’s restaurants

Hiring To Win is free to use and is operated by the McDonald’s Corporation.  Employees of McDonald’s get great benefits like flexible hours, free uniforms, medical, dental, and prescription insurance, and a 24 hour nurse line. Employees of McDonald’s also get short-term disability and term life insurance, a 401K, paid vacation and sick time, plus educational assistance and travel/entertainment discounts.  McDonald’s claims that when people work for them, it’s more than a job. It’s a chance to learn, grow, and move forward. McDonald’s also believes very strongly in the power of education, offering plenty of job training, plus high school and college credit opportunities, and even college scholarships. The restaurant chain also offers General Manager Business Leadership Capstone courses that gives managers the tools they need to climb the corporate ladder.

Hiring To Win Comments

  • McDonald’s is an equal employment employer
  • Those who started an


    can login and continue
  • The McDonald’s Hiring to Win web site is available in either English or Spanish

More About McDonald’s

  • Current slogan is “I’m Loving It,” but past ones include: “Did Somebody Say McDonald’s,” “We Do It All For You,” and “
  • Was founded in 1940 and is the world’s largest fast food hamburger restaurant
  • Started as a barbecue restaurant, but quickly found much more success as a hamburger stand with production line principles applied
  • In the United States, most McDonald’s stores are franchise locations, but in the UK and Ireland, the majority of store are owned by McDonald’s corporate

In some countries, McDonald’s has locations known as McDrive that are located near highways and have no seating. Many McDonald’s today also have McCafe locations that offer full service coffee options.  To contact McDonald’s corporate headquarters please write to: McDonald’s Corporation, 2111 McDonald’s Dr., Oak Brook, IL 60523 (those looking to receive a response in the mail should provide their name and address).


  1. www.hiringtowin.com