www.myfamilymobile.com/activation – Activate Family Mobile Phones

My Family Mobile Activation

  • Customers can activate a WalMart Family Mobile phone completely online, and their phone will be ready to use instantly
  • People activating a Walmart Family Mobile cell phone will also need their driver’s license or other personal identification
  • When a Family Mobile plan is purchased, the customer will receive an activation kit in the mail, and they’ll be able to choose an “Unlimited Everything” plan when they start their service

To get started activating a My Family Mobile line from


, customers just need to have a few things with them. They will need the “Family Mobile” phone and the original packaging it came in and a Family Mobile starter kit (one for each line being activated). These Family Mobile activation starter kits can be purchased at any participating Walmart store.

If this is the first phone on a plan being activated, customers just need to click the “Next” button to begin activation. If this phone is being added to a current plan, customers just need to login with their

Family Mobile phone number

an password.

My Family Mobile Activation Comments

  • Activation is free
  • When a Family Mobile plan is activated, the customer will receive a text message 16 to 18 days after their service starteR
  • Most GSM phones (meaning those that use a SIM card) are able to be used with Family Mobile, they will just have to be unlocked first
  • The first Family Mobile bill will be due 30 to 35 days after service is activated

More to Know About Family Mobile From WalMart

Family Mobile is Walmart’s postpaid cell phone service that’s provided through the T-Mobile cellular network. Walmart’s Family Mobile plans are some of the lowest priced “everything included” cell phone plans, meaning they have unlimited text, calling, and Internet usage.  Any questions in regards to the My Family Activation service can be directed to 877-440-9758 or via US Mail at Family Mobile Customer Relations, P.O. Box 3220, Albuquerque, NM 87190

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www.tryminimax.com – Try if for 90 Days RISK FREE Promotional Offer

Try Mini Max

  • Obtain more information about the MINIMAX Charger which can charge/power any device that uses a standard 5V USB input
  • This promotional offer comes with a 90 day money back guarantee and cost $99 (which can be spaced out over 3 easy payments of $33)
  • Payments can be made via Pay Pal or using any of the big four credit cards (i.e. Visa, American Express, Discover, MasterCard)

The Try Mini Max offer includes the mini max product, jumper cables, a multi charger, a nifty little carrying case, and a car charger (designed for long road trips).  Please note customer have the choice of making a one time payment of $99 or 3 payments of $33 which will be charged on Day 1, 30 and 60 (state taxes will apply in New York, Nevada, California, and Connecticut).

Try Mini Max Comments

  • Try it for 90 days… if the customer is not 100% satisfied with the product they will get their money back
  • A $10 surcharge is added for Mini Max orders that have to be mailed to Guam, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, US Virgin Islands and Alaska
  • The MINIMAX Charger takes up to six hours to recharge
  • The LED indicator lights display the power level… One solid light represents 0%-25%, two solid lights represent 26%-50%, three solid lights represent 51%-75% and four solid lights represent 76%-100%
  • The Try Mini Max promotional offer cannot be found in stores (i.e.


    , Walmart)
  • As a bonus purchases over $99 come with 15 issues of People magazine and 13 issues of InStyle

Any questions about the


Mini Max promotional offer can be directed to 800-260-8178 between the hours of 8 am to 8 pm Monday thru Friday (call volume is usually high on a Monday while Fridays are the best time to call without having to wait).  The above number can also be called to check the status of a Mini Max order.  When dialing the number please be sure to have all order information on hand.

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www.net10phoneexchange.com – Net10 2G Migration Services

Net10 Phone Exchange

  • TracFone, SafeLink, Net10 and Straight Talk customers need to migrate their 2G phone service or it will become useless
  • Please have the Net10 phone number on hand when starting the migration process
  • Please have the last 4 digits of the Net10 phone serial number

The Net10 Phone Exchange service can be reached at 1-877-836-2368.  By purchasing, activating, and/or using any NET10 product (“Product”) or service (“Service”) you the customer (“You”) acknowledge and agree to these Terms and Conditions of Service.

Any attempt to transfer promotional, bonus or other free minutes may result in the permanent deactivation of your NET10 Service without a refund.  Customers who fail to exchange their 2G phone will not be compensated or refunded any money for the remaining service time.

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www.tracfoneswitch.com – Prepaid Phones with No Contract

Tracfone Switch

  • Customers who have a compatible cell phone can take their phone to Tracfone to switch their service and get special cell phone plan rates
  • Almost all 4G LTE and 3G smart phones are eligible to switch to Tracfone, with the only exception being Double Minutes cards
  • When customers switch their cell phone to Tracfone, they will usually be able to keep their number, and even their same cell network they’ve always used

To switch a phone to a Tracfone plan, customers will need to purchase a 4G LTE or a 3G Tracfone Activation Kits, as well as purchase  Tracfone airtime service plans. Once the Tracfone activation kit has been purchased, customers will need to click on the “Register CDMA” link on the Tracfone web site, and then choose “Activate CDMA” or “Activate GSM” depending on their cell phone settings.

Tracfone Switch Comments

  • Tracfone offers unlimited carryover, meaning that minutes purchased never expire, and will roll over to the next month if they’re unused (as long as the customer adds minutes to their Tracfone account at least one time every 6 months)
  • Tracfone reserves the right to cancel this promotion at anytime

More Important Things to Know About Tracfone

  • Was founded in 1996 and known as Topp Telecom Inc. at that time, and was a subsidiary of Mexico’s largest phone company
  • In a 2008 report, Tracfone had just over 400 employees that did not work at their retail stores

Tracfone Wireless

(who has their current headquarters in Miami, Florida) has about 80,000 retail stores around the USA. Tracfone has agreements with almost all major cell carriers to use their networks, making it the most popular prepaid cell service in America. Today, Tracfone is well known for sponsoring the SafeLink Wireless program, which sponsors free or low cost cell phones to low income families.

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My Hughes Net Email

  • The “My Hughes Net” web site is the main online portal for customers of Hughes Internet and is primarly used for email
  • Customers can use MyHughesNet to login to their HughesNet e-mail, or to find information on current news, sports, movies, and more
  • By logging in to MyHughes, customers also get customized news on their front page that’s specifically tailored to their interests (this means that users will need to allow cookies on their computer)

Customers who sign up for HughesNet Internet service do not need a phone line or dial up modem to use their service. High speed Internet from Hughes is always on, and is available nationwide. MyHughesNet offers Internet plans that have data allowances of 10 GB, 15GB, 20 GB, and more, and any unused data rolls over to the next month. Hughes Communications even offers special instructions for customers to improve video performance by reducing overall

bandwidth usage


People interested in learning more about HughesNet Internet can visit one of the 600 offices around America, or can logon to start the process of signing up for Hughes.

More Important Things to Know About Hughes Communications



opened in 1971, and has just over 1,900 employees around the world. Their HughesNet Internet service provides satellite Internet to mostly rural customers who couldn’t otherwise get Internet service.

  • Was first known as “Digital Communication Corp of Rockville, Maryland”
  • Today, HughesNet is the number one satellite Internet service in the United States
  • Most years, Hughes Communications has a total net income of almost $23 million

To contact the corporate headquarters of HughesNet

  • 11717 Exploration Lane, Germantown, MD 20876
  • 301-428-5500

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